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Coal, Cash, and Climate Change

In numerous posts, I’ve written about the search for cleaner sources of electrical power including efforts to make coal burn cleaner [see my post The Search for Clean Coal]. In that post,

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Weeds and Biofuels — A Warning

My most recent post about biofuels [Cultivating the Right Biofuel] focused on an article by Roger Cohen who is fearful that the connection between increased use of food grains for biofuel and

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Generating Hydroelectricity without Dams

With energy prices continuing to skyrocket and concerns about climate change grabbing headlines and Nobel Peace prizes, you would think that potential breakthroughs in alternative energy technologies would get more notice. According

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Cultivating the Right Biofuel

The news has been filled lately with reports of food shortages and rising prices. There have been reports of food hording, even in the United States. In response, places like Costco and

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The Potential of Pond Scum

The confluence of high oil prices and global warming has more and more people thinking green. One of the things receiving a lot of attention is bio-fuel. An unintended consequence of this

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Regulation and Rates

In an earlier post [The Coming Blackouts], I wrote about how utility companies are failing to keep up with demand because they are not bringing new power plants and distribution grids on

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The Coming Blackouts

In its most recent annual report, according to a New York Times article by Matthew L. Wald, the North American Electric Reliability Council warns that the supply of electrical power is not

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The Future of Nuclear Power

One of Enterra Solutions’ focuses is critical infrastructure, including the utility industry. This summer’s heat wave, with its occasional black outs, has highlighted the fact that America’s power generation capacity is approaching

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The Energy Challenge

The New York Times has been running a series of articles on energy and the challenges the world is having trying to meet demands. The reason that energy is a topic in

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