Enterra System of Intelligence™

Built upon Enterra’s ADS® & Generative AI technology platform, the Enterra System of Intelligence™ is a cross-enterprise analysis and control system that spans the data and process layers of transactional Systems of Record. Enterra’s system autonomously perform end-to-end optimization, planning, and decision-making at scale and at the speed of the market with human-like intelligence and reasoning. A defining feature of the Enterra System of Intelligence™ is its architecture which is comprised of a set of interconnected business applications that leverage a common analysis, optimization, and decision-making/learning platform. These business applications include:
  • Enterra Consumer Insights Intelligence System™
  • Enterra Revenue Growth Intelligence System™
  • Enterra Demand and Supply Chain Intelligence System™
  • Enterra Global Insights and Decision Superiority System™ (Enterra Business WarGaming™)
As constructed, the system unlocks value currently bottled-up within traditional business siloes of an organization, enabling businesses to operate more agilely and intelligently.


Enterra Consumer Insights Intelligence System™

Ontology of the Individual

Ontology of the Individual

A 360o data model of consumer behavior designed around purchase decisions that can be leveraged to address nearly any business challenge, including assessment and identification of growth opportunities, simulation and planning for “what if” scenarios, and monitoring post-event performance and results against objectives.


Enterra’s one-of-a-kind technology quantifies the sensory experience of food, beverage, fragrance, personal care/laundry and other related products and uses that information in every step of a user’s inspiration, planning, and shopping experience

Value Creation Applications

• Hyper-Personalized Recommendations
• Ad-Targeting / Retargeting
• Micro Segmentation of Consumers
• Prediction of Consumer Buying State Movements and Evolution
• Assortment Optimization
• Shopper Marketing
• Product Introduction
• Product Innovation
• Forecasting
• General Consumer Intelligence


Enterra Revenue Growth Intelligence System™

  • Enterra’s Revenue Growth Intelligence SystemTM performs holistic optimization incorporating the strategic revenue components above into one comprehensive optimization


  • This unique approach balances the goals and constraints of consumer products firm’s strategic revenue goals and business strategies into a global objective function and optimization


Enterra Demand and Supply Chain Intelligence System™

Optimizing Your Supply Chain – We use advanced nonlinear optimization that takes into account real-world requirements, rules, and engagement methods between manufacturers and retailers to improve supply chain planning. This involves materials produced and procured, capacity for plants and storage, how and when you stock inventory, and where and when you distribute products.

Gain Competitive Advantage and Decision Superiority

Enterra Global Insights & Decision Superiority System™ (Enterra Business WarGaming™)

Clients are part of a complex environment with multiple participants who can perform multiple actions – this is further complicated by underlying economics. Enterra allows you to play multi-dimensional chess.


Enterra’s Business WarGaming™ application allows clients to generate unparalleled insights, see beyond the horizon, and gain competitive advantage in critical markets leveraging an outside in approach. 


Intelligent Agents for Customer Care

Enterprises constantly analyze their customer interactions to ensure they achieve their desired outcome: high satisfaction, reduced complaints, and improved sales/renewals, among others.


Until recently, analyzing these interactions has been human-based, resulting in a costly and inefficient scalability.


Enterra’s Intelligent Auto Scoring now allows enterprises to analyze customer interactions automatically, unlocking historically unattainable insights that drive new benchmarking, operational decision-making, and superior outcomes.

Autonomous Professional Services

The rise of the Digital Enterprise is elevating competitive pressures across all industries.


Enterra’s Autonomous Professional Services enable business advisors to leverage Intelligent Agents to scale subject matter expertise and make subtle, judgement-based, reasoned decisions faster and more effectively than current systems and human capital allow. The result is the creation of sustainable long-term competitive advantage for our clients and our client’s customers.


Advanced R&D

Our next-generation drug formulation framework enables us to achieve higher quality formulations with much less experimentation, thus reimagining the classical Design of Experiment (DOE) process to a more data-driven, efficient process.

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