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Portable Power

In yesterday’s post entitled Better Batteries or No Batteries at All, I discussed some of the research being conducted and products being manufactured that generate power in new ways. In that post,

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More on Nuclear Power

The Financial Times reports that “in the fight to secure fuel supplies and cut carbon emissions, nuclear power looks increasingly attractive — but is also generating concern over proliferation” [“Split on the

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The Future of Thorium

During his presidential campaign, Senator John McCain “laid out his vision for 100 new nuclear plants—45 of them to be built by 2030 [“Nuclear’s Tangled Economics,” by John Carey, BusinessWeek, 7 July

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Pipelines, Oil, and Iraq’s Future

When the United States invaded Iraq and overthrew Saddam Hussein, many people believed that Iraq’s oil sector would produce enough revenue to help pull it out of its economic doldrums. Those hopes

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