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Hot Holiday Sales or Retail Recession?

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and retailers are receiving mixed signals about the economy. It’s no secret that consumer spending has kept the U.S. economy strong over the past decade; however,

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Christmas 2018

Aside from Easter, Christmas is the most Christian of holidays. Even so, people of many faiths celebrate the Christmas season because it embraces the traditions of giving and goodwill that lie at

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Christmas Ghost Stories

When Andy Williams penned his famous Christmas song “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” he included the following line in his lyrics: “There’ll be scary ghost stories, and tales of the

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Black Friday Keeps Its Glitter

For several years, some analysts have downplayed the importance of Black Friday; but, consumers apparently still look forward to the unofficial beginning of the holiday shopping season. Daphne Howland (@daphnehowland) reports two

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Holiday Sales Look Bright

Most analysts are predicting brisk sales this holiday season that equal or better last year’s sales. Erica Sweeney reports an OpenX survey conducted with the Harris Poll found consumers are optimistic about

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Christmas before Email

Today, a communication (aka letter) sent through the traditional mail system is often referred to as “snail mail” in order to differentiate it from email. There was a time, when the mail

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