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Infographic about Supply Chain Traceability

August 3, 2012


In a post entitle Supply Chain Traceability is Important but Confidence is Lacking, I discussed results from a RedPrairie survey that indicated that business executives are concerned about their ability to track, trace, and recall products in their supply chains. Commerce in Motion (which is sponsored by RedPrairie) published a great infographic about the survey — noting that the survey was commissioned “to gauge the current state of our ability to effectively track, trace, and recall products, both inside the enterprise and up and down the supply chain.”





In another post [Tainted Products and Traceability in the Supply Chain], I discussed more about the concerns surrounding traceability in the supply chain (specifically in the food and pharmaceutical industries). With so much on the line (i.e., money losses, reputation, injury, and death), supply chain traceability is going to remain an important issue.

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