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Enterra’s Cognitive Reasoning Platform™ Brings Era of Big Data to Consumer Packaging Industry

October 30, 2013


As of today, I’m transitioning the Enterra Insights blog to a new platform that will be hosted on the Enterra Solutions® rebranded website (www.enterrasolutions.com). The new website was launched to coincide with this week’s Consumer Goods Business & Technology Leadership Conference that Enterra helped sponsor. For the next couple of weeks, I will continue to provide links to new blog posts to facilitate a smooth transition to the new platform. At this week’s conference, I co-hosted, along with executives from McCormick & Company, a luncheon session entitled “The Art of Collaborative Innovation: Cognitive Computing Meets Flavor to Bring Personalized Food Solutions to Consumers.” During this session we discussed how McCormick and Enterra are collaborating in the food and beverage sector. We also released the following press release:

Enterra Solutions, LLC, a leading-edge cognitive computing and big data analytics and insights firm, announced today from the Consumer Goods Business and Technology Leadership Conference that it has signed a multi-year contract with McCormick & Company, Inc., to bring the power of big data to its industry-leading food science, sensory science and culinary knowledge to support innovation and growth.

Under the agreement, McCormick will use Enterra’s Cognitive Reasoning Platform™ to develop insights and services to better serve consumers and its ecosystem of food and beverage partners.

Big data promises to revolutionize the consumer products industry through an ability to capture, curate and analyze vast amounts of complex and disparate data to uncover and understand non-obvious connections between consumer wants and needs and the innovative new products and marketing techniques needed to support them.

“McCormick is on a mission to save your world from boring food,” states Jerry Wolfe, CIO of McCormick. “By enhancing our knowledge of the eating experience lifecycle with advanced analytics and insights, McCormick will better understand consumer taste preferences around the world and extend our brands as services to help consumers create great tasting food linking inspiration with action. Enterra provides our team with a unique cognitive computing platform and talented multi-disciplinary team to work with to develop and deploy new big data driven insights.”

“Global leaders like McCormick want to understand more about consumer needs and preferences,” says Stephen DeAngelis, President and CEO of Enterra Solutions. “By partnering with McCormick to leverage its sophisticated food sensory science capability and its understanding of the eating experience, we believe that we will unlock emergent taste and lifestyle differences across the globe and create actionable insights associated with local consumer food preferences and associated shopping behaviors.”

We are obviously excited about the direction Enterra Solutions is heading. We hope you continue to enjoy the articles you read on Enterra Insights.

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