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Memorial Day 2023

Once again, we find ourselves at the beginning of a hotly contested presidential race — made all the more intense by culture wars. What does this have to do with Memorial Day?

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Memorial Day 2022

Memorial Day was first celebrated in remembrance of those who died during the U.S. Civil War. Eventually, the celebration expanded to honor all individuals who lost their lives during conflict. When we

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Memorial Day 2021

A year ago, the country remained in the early stages of Covid-19 pandemic. On Memorial Day last year, I wrote, “This Memorial Day finds us fighting a new kind of war —

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Memorial Day 2020

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer. In normal times, people look to forward to vacations, picnics, and other outdoor activities; however, these aren’t normal times and this Memorial Day is

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Memorial Day 2019

Summer is here — unofficially at least. It’s a bit ironic that Memorial Day, a solemn day dedicated to remembering those who have fallen fighting America’s wars, is more often celebrated as

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Memorial Day 2018

The unofficial start of summer has arrived. It’s a bit ironic the day set aside to honor America’s fallen military personnel has morphed into a day filled with dreams of vacations, picnics,

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Memorial Day 2017

Memorial Day finds its genesis in America’s Civil War. That war affected nearly every community in America with the loss of young men. In some communities, citizens began decorating the gravestones of

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Memorial Day 2016

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer and dreams of vacations, picnics, and outdoor activities. We should never forget, however, that Memorial Day was founded to remember those who have fallen

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Memorial Day 2015

Memorial Day traditionally marks the beginning of summer and, even though it began as a solemn day of remembrance back in 1868, it has become a day to relax and celebrate with

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Memorial Day 2014

As you know, Memorial Day’s roots were planted after America’s Civil War. Nearly every community in America suffered the loss of young men during that conflict. In some communities, citizens began decorating

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