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Labor Day 2023

Civilization has always moved forward on the backs of laborers (i.e., the people who actually do the work that makes society function). From the great manmade wonders of the ancient world to

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Labor Day 2022

Labor Day represents summer’s unofficial end. And this summer has been a hot one. Back in 1966, the rock group The Lovin’ Spoonful released their hit “Summer in the City” whose opening

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Labor Day 2021

This Labor Day greets us with a confusing employment situation as millions of people remain out of work at the same time a record number of job openings remain unfilled. Ben Popken

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Labor Day 2020

Most of us have never witnessed a Labor Day quite like this one. Not since the Great Depression have so many people been out of work and the future of the economy

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Labor Day 2019

To most people, Labor Day represents the end of summer. It’s a time to take one last deep breath of warm air and bask beside the pool in preparation for the colder

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Labor Day 2018

Summer is unofficially over — marked as always by the celebration of Labor Day. At least that has been the case for over a century. Few people look forward to end of

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Labor Day 2017

Although most Americans celebrate Labor Day as the unofficial end of summer and see it as a final opportunity to charge their tanks in preparation for the rigors of fall and winter,

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Labor Day 2016

The labor scene has changed a lot since Labor Day first began to be celebrated back in the late 19th century. The jobs are different and the makeup of the workforce is

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Labor Day 2014

Few people look forward to end of the summer. That may be the reason that the first Monday in September was set aside as a national holiday to celebrate Labor Day. It

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