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Autonomous Decision Science™ Discussed on the Next Normal Show

July 29, 2021


In an episode of the Next Normal Show, with host Josef Schneider, we discuss why the Enterra Solutions® Autonomous Decision Science™ (ADS™) technology is a game changer for the retail industry.


Consumer goods companies across the globe are spending large amounts of time and money trying to manage and utilize massive amounts of data, but they struggle to make sense of it, including automating it to dramatically improve forecasts and make better decisions. Enter ADS. The advanced ADS technology leverages glass-box mathematical analysis, powerful non-linear optimization, and human-like reasoning to enhance decision-making. Leveraging ADS, decisions can be made faster and more accurately than the subject-matter experts or data scientists.


When activated at one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies, ADS delivered a 363% return on investment within the first year of operation. From shopper marketing and consumer insights, to category management and supply chain, ADS has end-to-end optimization potential. It can create a continuous, self-funding process for innovation and value creation.


In my conversation with Josef, we take a deep dive into the technology driving this unparalleled value-generation system. We talk about the outstanding results Global 1000 companies are seeing with ADS in action. And we make it clear: ADS is the preeminent game changer for retailers. Watch the discussion in the following video.


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