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Artificial Intelligence Enjoys Transformative Year

May 29, 2024


This week I had a fantastic discussion with Nicole Petallides at Schwab Network about the transformative year artificial intelligence (AI) has had, shifting from early consumer applications to becoming a cornerstone of the industrial landscape. As tech giants race to develop the world’s most advanced AI systems, I note that we’re entering a new era for the economy and workforce, with opportunities ranging from vocational AI roles to PhD-level positions. Describing the interview, the Schwab Network reports, “The clash of the technology titans is unfolding before our eyes, notes Stephen DeAngelis. He discusses tech and A.I. trends in focus. He highlights that MSFT, META, and GOOGL are working to build the largest possible knowledge bases. He talks about factors that could differentiate competitors in the A.I. space. He then goes over workforce development needs as A.I. expands. Tune in to find out more about the stock market today.” Check out the entire segment to hear my predictions on future corporate AI applications: “A.I. & The ‘Clash of the Technology Titans’

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