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That’s the power of the Enterra System of Intelligence®–our groundbreaking system that performs end-to-end value chain optimization and intelligent decision making with unprecedented speed and accuracy. It’s why the world’s top brands are partnering with Enterra to transform their businesses into intelligent enterprises, so they can maximize their growth potential, competitiveness, and resilience in an increasingly uncertain market.

The Intelligent Enterprise − at a glance

Enterra’s End-to-End Value Chain Optimization and Decision Making System™

Enterra Business WarGaming™

Consumer Insights

SensoryPrint™ | Ontology of the Individual️

Holistic Revenue Growth

Pricing | Promotion | Media | Assortment

Demand & Supply Chain

Demand Insights and Agricultural Intelligence Demand Shaping | Concurrent Planning

Enterra Integrated Dynamic Planning™

Meet the Enterra Intelligent Agent™

Part SME. Part AI Knowledge Buddy. Personalized and Autonomous.

Our Enterra AI-powered Intelligent Agent represents the next generation of AI-supported work, guiding you through our platform experience, and providing you with critical insights and analysis to help you perform your job even better.

True intelligence

Powered by our groundbreaking Enterra Autonomous Decision Science™️ technology, our system goes far beyond traditional data science. That means continuously serving up timely, actionable insights and decision recommendations unique to your business challenges, and with the greatest potential to deliver growth and competitive advantage.

*Numbers are illustrative and do not reflect any client information.

True optimization

Forget incremental improvements. Forget yesterday’s simplistic forecasting models. Our constraint-based, non-linear optimization framework turns extreme complexity into powerful insights and winning strategies synchronized across your entire value chain, unlocking differentiated value creation and agility at scale.

*Numbers are illustrative and do not reflect any client information.

True decision-making

With next-gen anticipatory analytics we help you better understand the nature and impact of your decisions both within your organization and the marketplace. So you can make smarter moves at market speed.

*Numbers are illustrative and do not reflect any client information.

True results.

Realizing untapped revenue growth and agility is just the beginning. Our system is always-on and autonomously building upon rich learnings from prior actions to systemically drive market advantage.

Enterra drives growth and efficiency for our clients. They have reached:


ROI on yearly SaaS fees

accuracy and retailer feasibility
profitability lift across
increase in efficiency & agility
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We are helping some of the world’s most sophisticated organizations become intelligent enterprises.

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