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Remembering 9/11

September 11, 2006


On this fifth anniversary of the events of 9/11, it seems more appropriate to pause and remember those who perished than to discuss corporate or social resilience. In some ways, the story of 9/11 is about resilience. While the world stopped in the aftermath of the attacks, it recovered more quickly than many believed possible. There remain a few soft spots, such as the airline industry, and much of the good will and solidarity that arose after the attack has been dissipated by other events, but by-and-large the world is still pulling together to achieve peace and prosperity.


The spirit of those lost on 9/11 continues to inspire us. Their stories remain compelling. They came from all around the world. They represented many races, creeds, and colors. They left us with unfulfilled aspirations, but with the knowledge that people can work together, live together, and achieve together. I’m for pausing and remembering — then moving forward with our own aspirations for creating peace and prosperity.

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