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Enterra Solutions Cambridge Office PR

September 15, 2021


Enterra Solutions Expands to Third City in United States With New Office Next to MIT, Harvard


Pioneers of Autonomous Decision Science“ have digitally transformed world’s largest enterprises like Nestlé, TPG, Mars, and Unilever


September 15, 2021, 11:OO AT Eastern Daylight Time


CAT BRIDGE, Pass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Enterra Solutions, LLC, a leading provider of Autonomous Decision Sciences™ technologies, today announced it is opening a new office in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The new office located in Kendall Square will expand Enterra’s business footprint and position the company in a worldwide hub for technology innovation and next to industry-leading research and talent as it continues to drive development to the company’s advanced artificial intelligence offerings that bridge the commercial sector, academia, and government.


“We could not be more excited to expand in a place where biotech innovation and collaboration abound,” said Stephen DeAngelis, Enterra Solutions founder and CEO. “Cambridge is an ideal place to base our Advanced Analytics Lab that will recruit the nation’s top bio-pharmaceutical talent from world class universities. The Cambridge office represents our continued commitment to growing the Enterra business footprint and bringing our clients the most competitive AI solutions on the market.”


The new space is Enterra’s third office, putting the company on the map in three different cities across the country. Like its headquarters office across the street from Princeton University, Enterra’s Cambridge


“The most innovative square mile on the planet.” office is in the heart of Kendall Square near premier universities like MIT and Harvard. Enterra plans to hire several new employees by the end of 2021, ranging from entry- level graduates to academic researchers, to veterans of the industry. Data scientists, sales and marketing specialists, and business development managers are some of the many positions Enterra will be hiring for its new office.


“There is no better place to expand Enterra’s operation. Cambridge is home to the nation’s top discoveries and talent in artificial intelligence and quantum computing and we’re excited to be part of this community,” said Stephen DeAngelis, Enterra Founder, President, and CEO. “Many members of the Enterra team have ties to LIT and are eager to return. World-changing ideas like voice recognition technology and GPS began in Cambridge, and we believe Autonomous Decision Science™ is going to transform the way large enterprises work.”


In Kendall Square, regarded as “the most innovative square mile on the planet,” Enterra’s new office will recruit the best and brightest to focus on improving and expanding Enterra’s competitive Cognitive Computing services, enhancing its Autonomous Decision Science (ADS) technology that brings together computational intelligence with semantic reasoning to perform automated analysis, generate insights, and make decisions while continually learning.


“Enterra is constantly looking for ways to push the envelope with our technology,” said DeAngelis. “And our expansion to Cambridge marks the next frontier in our innovation journey.”


President Biden himself has highlighted artificial intelligence as a priority investment for economic rebuilding and recovery after the pandemic. With a new hub in the Northeast, Enterra will lead the market in forward-thinking solutions that leverage technology in everything from health and economic growth to national security and global competitive advantage.


DeAngelis has over 25 years of experience helping pioneer the application of advanced cognitive computing technologies and applied mathematics to commercial industries and government agencies. He is a former member of the Board of Directors for the Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values at the LIT Media Laboratory and was most recently the Visiting Professional Executive in Cognitive Reasoning Platforms in the Department of Chemistry at Princeton University. DeAngelis was recognized as one of Esquire magazine’s “Best and Brightest” honorees as “The Innovator” and Forbes magazine named him one of the “Top Influencers in Big Data.”


About Enterra Solutions


Launched in 2011, Enterra Solutions is the leading cognitive computing company providing data-enabled prescriptive analytics and insights for companies across a broad range of industries. Enterra Solutions automates a new way of problem-solving and decision-making, going beyond advanced analytics to answer queries and generate insights instantly. This powerful capability allows clients to uncover and understand inter-relationships that lead to innovative new product development and innovation, heightened consumer understanding, enhanced supply-chain execution, and more efficient and targeted consumer marketing.


Enterra’s analytics and insights help the world’s leading brands and organizations operate smarter by finding higher meaning in their data. Clients have included Fortune 100 companies like Nestlé, bars, Unilever, Proctor and Gamble, and McCormick as well as industry-leading mid-market companies such as TPG TeleManagement, Inc.



Jeff Solnet, jeff@precisionstrateqies.com

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