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Enterra Solutions Selected as an Editor’s Pick by Consumer Goods Technology

January 27, 2011


Enterra Solutions®, LLC, has been selected as one of 25 companies featured in the Editors’ Pick section of CGT’s 2011 Readers’ Choice Issue. This benchmark issue draws on feedback from consumer goods executives to rank service and solution providers in the following categories: Supply Chain Execution, Supply Chain Planning, CRM, TPM, ERP, New Product Development and Introduction, Business Intelligence, Demand Data Analytics, Consulting, and Outsourcing. The magazine notes that “some companies do not fit snugly into any one group due to their size or focus. In response, CGT created the Editors’ Pick section to recognize companies that are making a respectable impact in the industry and should be duly noted.”


“Enterra Solutions grabbed our attention for co-developing a retailer compliance system with Conair Corporation, which won a CGT Supply Chain Outstanding Achievement Award for the project in October 2010,” noted Alliston Ackerman, Editor of CGT. “The company was selected as an Editors’ Pick in 2011 for filling a need in the enterprise software market for a solution to manage the supply chain requirements of different retailers. We look forward to following Enterra Solutions in its future endeavors.”


CGT (Consumer Goods Technology) magazine is the leading resource for consumer goods executives looking to improve business performance. Delivering content in print, online, and face-to-face, CGT reaches an audience of more than 54,000 consumer goods executives ranging from managers and directors to the VPs and CIOs. CGT also covers all major segments of the consumer goods sector, including Food, Beverage, Packaged Goods, Consumer Electronics and Footwear. For more information on CGT, visit http://www.consumergoods.com.


Enterra was selected for this recognition for developing the Enterra Supply Chain Assurance Platform™ (ESCAPE™). We are extremely honored to receive this approbation. Our Enterra Supply Chain Assurance Platform has attracted significant interest from consumer packaged goods manufacturers since we created it in partnership with the Conair Corporation.


ESCAPE complements a company’s existing management and technology architecture to optimize its supply chain operations. It does this by identifying orders at-risk of violating retailer-imposed supply chain requirements, as well as those that have the potential of encountering product unavailability issues. It monitors retailers directly to keep requirements current, accurate and complete; and carriers to track shipping not only to retailers but also from suppliers. To learn more about ESCAPE, read my post entitled Reducing Retailer Compliance Penalties and 2010 Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) Annual Conference.


Enterra is continuing to develop ESCAPE modules that will help clients effectively manage their supply chain management challenges. One of the reasons that ESCAPE has been received so well is that numerous supply chain professionals have recognized that “increased visibility is vital to successfully managing global inbound transportation” [“You Can No Longer Be Blind to Shipment Details in Inbound Transportation Pipeline, Report Finds,” Aberdeen Group, 18 October 2010]. The article, which discusses the primary conclusion of an Aberdeen Group report, continues:

“The report, International Transportation: Optimize Cost and Service in a Global Market, documents processes and capabilities of 181 companies surveyed between June and July 2010. ‘Customer demands for high delivery performance, and the increased demand for accurate delivery status information are driving the need to ensure shipment integrity and enhance internal and external communications across the entire supply chain. In the past, many organizations were blind to shipment details within the transportation pipeline,’ said Bob Heaney, senior research analyst of supply chain management at Aberdeen.”

Portions of the ESCAPE platform help increase visibility of inbound deliveries so that decision-makers are both alerted to potential problems and have more time to correct or mitigate those problems. The article concludes:

“The focus of the report is on companies that have realized the significance of gaining more visibility and control of inbound transportation. These companies have looked beyond their internal capabilities and systems and have successfully partnered with a solution provider or a managed services provider to enhance their processes. The research findings and case studies presented underscore the value and growing relevance that dynamic supply chain optimization capabilities, and near real-time visibility to detailed supply chain events play in successfully managing inbound transportation.”

Although Enterra has been recognized for its work in supply chain optimization, the same technology that permits us to help optimize supply chains can be used to optimize processes in other business sectors as well — as shown in the attached graphic:




We describe ourselves this way:

Enterra Solutions, LLC, is an integrated information technology and management consulting services firm focusing on the application of advanced “rules-based” technologies to solve the complex business problems of commercial organizations and governmental agencies. The company’s Advanced Enterprise Management System™ includes two core proprietary capabilities: a leading edge technology entitled Rule Set Automation (RSA) – Enterra’s proprietary technology for translating business rules into data which express themselves as agile software code and business processes; and, a patented Enterprise Resilient Management Methodology® (ERMM™) – a system diagnostic methodology for assessing the resilience of enterprises to performance, security and compliance demands.

Rule Set Automation and the use of artificial intelligence techniques are at the heart of the Enterra® business model. I have a very talented team at Enterra Solutions that make the magic happen and I’m thrilled that I can now call them an “award winning” team.

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