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George Washington’s Birthday 2023

Today’s federal holiday is formally named George Washington’s Birthday. Most people, however, know it as Presidents Day. Washington is rightfully honored as the father of our country and as American’s first president.

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Washington’s Birthday: Party Time?

Today, America celebrates what has come to be known as Presidents’ Day. Officially, however, the Federal Government still calls the holiday “Washington’s Birthday.” Although we must never forget that Washington was a

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Washington’s Birthday 2021

It’s not often you hear someone discuss the “wisdom” of the members of Congress — certainly not in recent memory. As the two parties have been increasingly infiltrated by fringe politicians, common

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Presidents Day 2019

Presidents’ Day is provides retailers with another holiday sales opportunity with campaigns often exploiting pictures of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. The actual name of the federal holiday is Washington’s Birthday. The

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Presidents Day 2018

Today Americans celebrate Presidents’ Day even though the official name of the holiday remains George Washington’s birthday. Although Washington’s Gregorian calendar birthday is 22 February, he was born on 11 February 1732

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Presidents Day 2017

Today in America we celebrate what has come to be known as Presidents’ Day. Officially, however, the holiday is still officially called “Washington’s Birthday” by the federal government. President George Washington’s Birthday

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Presidents Day 2016

Today is a uniquely American federal holiday that was first established to honor President George Washington. When he was born in 1732 (near Bridges Creek, Virginia, on an estate later called Wakefield),

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