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Janus Should Be the God of Data

Welcome to the New Year! Readers interested in history and mythology are probably aware that the month of January is named after the Roman god Janus. Janus was an interesting deity. As

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Happy New Year 2023

Humans seem to have an innate desire to know their place in time. Marking the passage of days, months, and years precedes written history. We live by the seasons and mark our

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New Year, New Beginnings

Although today marks the third day of the new year, it is the first business day for most people. Why do we care that 1 January marks the beginning of a new

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Happy New Year 2022

We look forward to a New Year with hope and excitement for what we can discover, what we can innovate and for what we achieve in 2022. It will be a truly

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New Year’s Day 2021

Goodbye and good riddance. Undoubtedly, those are the sentiments of many people as they greet the New Year. Journalist David Andreatta (@david_andreatta) stated it about as bluntly as you can, “What a

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New Year’s Eve 2019

“Each new year offers an exciting opportunity for a fresh start and new beginnings,” writes Maryn Liles, “which is probably why we all look forward to New Year’s Eve so much.”[1] Despite

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Happy New Year 2019

Have you ever wondered why the New Year starts in January rather than a more pleasant month for celebrating, like June? Meghan Bartels (@meghanbartels) was curious. “The new year has to begin

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Happy New Year 2018

It’s entirely fitting this New Year begins on a Monday. Although Sunday is the official start of the week, for most working people Monday marks the beginning of the work week. Other

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