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Businesspundit on the Value of Experts

March 24, 2006


Businesspundit raises doubts about the wisdom of crowds and speaks in favor of the wisdom of experts.


Provocative comments, very much worth reading.  We wouldn’t disagree — except to say that, as in so many such debates, this is not really an either-or.  A significant value of an Enterprise Resilience Management℠ system is that it captures expert knowledge and best practices — first in the methodology that identifies critical assets and critical processes, then in the form of automated rules.  But those automated rules are contingent on changing conditions.  In a sense, that makes expert knowledge responsive to the wisdom of crowds.  As technology evolves, the systems will become truly autonomic — self-healing and self-optimizing.  That will represent an ultimate marriage between the wisdom of expert best practitioners on the one hand, and of aggregate crowds on the other.


The fusion of business best practices and technology — as represented by Enterprise Resilience Management — means that we can move beyond these either-or debates, and benefit from the best of both worlds.

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