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Resilience and Organizational Culture

May 5, 2006


Mark Safranski at ZenPundit is up with a thoughtful post about the organizational attributes that enhance or undermine resilience.

This is an important discussion.  While we’re grateful for Mark’s positive comments about Development in a Box, we are even more grateful that we can join a conversation about the ways in which the Enterprise Resilience Management framework interacts with and transforms organizational culture.  Enterprise Resilience Management is not just a technology solution — though it has a significant technology component.  And it is not just a management methodology, though it starts with a comprehensive assessment of critical assets and the processes and best practices that support them.  Rather, the framework combines best practices and technology to create an entirely new organizational architecture.  Methodology and technology, working together, break down the barriers between organizational silos and create new systems — both cultural and technological — for whole-organization response.

The resilience of an organization depends only in part on its willingness to adopt new technologies.  Resilience also depends on the ability of people — leaders, line managers and staff — to create a resilient culture.

Thanks to Mark for starting the discussion.  We look forward to your thoughts about resilience and how it operates at an individual and organizational level.


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