Development in a Box: Exploring Resilience and Post-Conflict Reconstruction, at Tech Central Station

Stephen DeAngelis

April 5, 2006

Enterprise Resilience Management is a framework that can be applied at a variety of scales — from a single function in a single organization, to the operation of national and transnational systems.

Today at Tech Central Station, I discuss “Development in a Box” — a large-scale application of Enterprise Resilience Management to the global challenge of reconstruction and stabilization in post-conflict and failing states, that I’ve been developing together with Tom Barnett.


“Development in a Box” brings together public- and private-sector capabilities, and as such represents a new approach to post-conflict reconstruction.  The “Development in a Box” framework has immediate implications for our most pressing security challenges — and illustrates the role of Enterprise Resilience Management in establishing a new platform for running organizations — and national and transnational systems — in the age of globalization.


I hope you’ll join the discussion about “Development in a Box” and about Enterprise Resilience Management.  Read the article — then use the e-mail links at left to let us know what you think.