Complexity Again: Andrew Sullivan on Tom Barnett

Stephen DeAngelis

April 6, 2006

Leading blogger Andrew Sullivan has this to say about this post by my colleague, Enterra Solutions Senior Managing Director Tom Barnett.  Have a look.

Without getting drawn into the particulars of the Iraq debate, it’s worth noting that Sullivan’s take…

In transforming a post-totalitarian, ethnically divided, economically ruined pseudo-country, we cannot expect instant results.

…is directly related to the point we made earlier about the complexity of Development in a Box.  Solving real-world problems involving multiple, interdependent systems is difficult, non-linear and often frustrating.  Frameworks like Development in a Box and Enterprise Resilience Management can accelerate the process and mitigate the frustrations — but cannot eliminate them entirely.  But, speaking generally, if the result is worthwhile, then the effort will be worthwhile as well.