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Complexity Again: Andrew Sullivan on Tom Barnett

April 6, 2006


Leading blogger Andrew Sullivan has this to say about this post by my colleague, Enterra Solutions Senior Managing Director Tom Barnett.  Have a look.

Without getting drawn into the particulars of the Iraq debate, it’s worth noting that Sullivan’s take…

In transforming a post-totalitarian, ethnically divided, economically ruined pseudo-country, we cannot expect instant results.

…is directly related to the point we made earlier about the complexity of Development in a Box.  Solving real-world problems involving multiple, interdependent systems is difficult, non-linear and often frustrating.  Frameworks like Development in a Box and Enterprise Resilience Management can accelerate the process and mitigate the frustrations — but cannot eliminate them entirely.  But, speaking generally, if the result is worthwhile, then the effort will be worthwhile as well.

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