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Announcing Enterra Solutions 2nd Annual Cognitive Computing Summit

August 10, 2018


You are invited to join Enterra Solutions® for in-depth conversations on the rise of the Intelligent Enterprise with a focus on Supply Chain Optimization.


Cognitive Computing, defined by Enterra® as Artificial Intelligence in the form of Semantic Reasoning + Sophisticated Mathematics, addresses the complex, multi-faceted problems faced by leading organizations today by creating the Enterra Autonomous Decision Science™ (ADS®) platform that enables game changing applications. The Cognitive Computing Consortium simply states, “cognitive computing makes a new class of problems computable.” What desktop computing did to financial spreadsheets will pale in comparison to the application of autonomous computing and the impact this will have on our business and personal lives.


Across a number of industries, autonomous insights and actions, generated by advanced Cognitive Computing solutions, are transforming the ways that businesses operate and approach the marketplace. The impact of these innovative technologies is enormous and is now beginning to be realized.


Global 1000 consumer products companies spend 10-20% of revenue on trade promotion, which is approximately 50% of their sales and marketing budget. Supply chain operations add billions to these expenditures. These are the largest expense items for a company outside of Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) and Human Resources. In today’s data rich environment, companies are racing to employ advanced analytics and insights as the mechanism to drive sustainable competitive advantage, the same way that they used Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma quality capabilities to separate themselves from the competition.


New advances in cognitive computing over the past several years make it possible to understand the driving factors behind consumer behavior, optimize sales and marketing activities as well as global supply chain operations. By combining advances in computational intelligence, natural language processing and semantic reasoning, a number of leading companies are already realizing these returns along the value chain in the form of hyper-personalized consumer insights, to sales and marketing strategies and optimized supply chain planning and inventory optimization.


Please join us in discussing these topics with industry leading executives and technologists from around the country.



 When: 16-17 September 2018



The information below is subject to change:


George Dyson, Author and Historian: AI’s Past, Present, and Future
Doug Lenat, CEO, Cycorp: The Promise and Limitations of AI
Elaine Rich, Author, Distinguished Senior Lecturer (Retired) The University of Texas at Austin: Automata, Computability, and Complexity
Caleb Bastian, CTO and Chief Scientist, Massive Dynamics: A Mathematical Approach to AI
Stephen DeAngelis, President & CEO, Enterra Solutions: Cognitive Computing Today
Eric Haseltine, Futurist, Author, Neuroscientist, Haseltine Partners: Cognitive Computing: A Data Scientist’s Perspective


Panel Discussions

Application Focus I: Artificial Intelligence meets the Blockchain
Application Focus II: AI in the Entertainment Industry – The Data Age of Hollywood
Application Focus III: Creating the Intelligent Enterprise



The Charles Hotel
1 Bennett Street
Cambridge, MA 02138


Cost: $500


Register by clicking on this link.

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