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In this blog, we discuss cognitive computing and other technologies with a focus on supply chain management and innovation. Other topics of discussion include digital enterprise transformation, marketing, the Internet of Things, and smart cities. Our goal is to advance the public discussion about how cognitive computing and other advanced technologies affect the world in which we live.

Bradd Hayes is the active editor of this blog.


Business Innovation: Beyond the Buzz

There are a lot of buzzwords used by businesses to try and convince shareholders and customers that they are forward looking, edgy, and prepared for the future. Among those buzzwords, none is

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Independence Day 2015

Almost every country in the world celebrates a national holiday that recognizes its independence, founding, or heritage. In the United States, that day is Independence Day (aka the Fourth of July). Noted

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Doing Business in Frontier Markets

“With the Middle East and north Africa now engulfed in multiple wars,” writes Borzou Daragahi (@borzou), “businesses and investors are having to readapt, retool and reassess, providing a business school case study

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Making the Digital Path to Purchase Profitable

The rapid spread of mobile technologies (especially the smartphone) has mostly obliterated the traditional path to purchase for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions. Like it or not, the digital path

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