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Resilience Discussions: Quick Takes

April 26, 2006


Worth noting — several new commentaries on resilience-related themes…


Shawn Beilfuss at Asia Logistics Wrap deepens his exploration of Tom Barnett’s Four Flows, Dr. Joseph Cavinato’s Five Supply Chain Architectures, and the potential for the Development in a Box framework to integrate them.  His vehicle is an extensive case study in several parts about North Korea’s Kaesong Industrial Complex.  You can read his commentary here, here, here and here.


John Robb at Global Guerrillas raises the question of how networks evolve rule sets in the absence of central control.  He points to this remarkable paper — all the more remarkable given the author’s age — about the evolution of solutions in networked environments.


At Defense Tech, Geoff Edwards, another youthful commentator, reports on new developments in radiation detection technologies — a fascinating topic, and one that we’ll be examining in more detail here, since such detectors would be greatly strengthened by integration into resilient systems.  The ability to invoke automated responses based on various detection scenarios would create a vastly more efficient — and effective — line of defense.


At all levels, from the practical to the theoretical, there is much to discuss.  We will have more to say on all these tracks.

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