Thanksgiving 2011

Stephen DeAngelis

November 24, 2011

Today is the Thanksgiving Day holiday in the United States. Like the past several years, it finds many people in need living in an economy that gives them little reason to hope. Yet, even in dire circumstances, a person should be able to find something for which to be thankful. I truly believe that having a thankful heart can make even the most miserable conditions more tolerable. Thanksgiving Day was set aside for people to pause and give thanks to a higher power; but, even individuals who don’t believe in a higher power have reason to give thanks to someone. Henry van Dyke wrote:

“Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received. Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling. Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse.”

Wherever you might find yourselves, and in whatever circumstances, I hope that on this day you will be able to search your heart and find something for which to be thankful. If you find yourselves with much to be grateful for, then I suggest that you ponder about what you can do to make someone else’s life better. You may be the person for whom those individuals offer thanks next year. From all us at Enterra Solutions®, Happy Thanksgiving.