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In this blog, we discuss cognitive computing and other technologies with a focus on supply chain management and innovation. Other topics of discussion include digital enterprise transformation, marketing, the Internet of Things, and smart cities. Our goal is to advance the public discussion about how cognitive computing and other advanced technologies affect the world in which we live.

Bradd C. Hayes is the active editor of this blog.


Omnichannel Operations at a Crossroads

With many retail chains announcing the opening of new stores, the so-called “retail apocalypse” seems to be waning. This twist of events may surprise some observers considering the fact that the pandemic

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Trends 2022: Retail

These were supposed to be dire days for retail. The so-called retail apocalypse witnessed a record number of store closings over the past few years and the pandemic exacerbated the situation. With

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Brand Loyalty: Does It Matter?

How important is customer loyalty? Business consultant Jeffrey Gitomer (@gitomer) insists, “Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless.”[1] On the other hand, A.G. Lafley, former CEO of Procter & Gamble, and

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Halloween 2021 Predictions

In her book Welcome To Rosie Hopkins’ Sweetshop Of Dreams, author Jenny Colgan (@jennycolgan) wrote, “[Halloween] is the crack between the last golden rays of summer and the dark of winter; the

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